The New PrinterSmith.Com!

Welcome to PrinterSmith.Com

Finally the long awaited new PrinterSmith.Com is here!  Thank you to all who lived through the horrible look and feel of the previous cart.  As you can see we have much extended our product offerings and services.  Please go to INK Toner - to see all the inks and toners you are accustomed to getting from us. Go to PARTS for non-consumable items.

We have made many subtle improvements, but the Category Tree is most important.  Please be patient with phone support, we are in search of a new answering service and looking to add additional staff for remote support.  Email is the best way to resolve support issues, returns, etc.  Emails are dealt with same day within 1-3 hours. 

Any special requests (like changing ink colors) should be put on the order right in the Instructions at checkout.  Our alternate email is PrinterSmith@Gmail.Com

Thanks so much for your business!